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“Wellbeing is a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

 – World Health Organisation

Coaching sessions for managers investing in their people and building staff resilience

Stress and mental health in the UK causes a loss in productivity estimated to cost employers £33 – 42 billion.  Mental Health Ambassadors are a welcome development in the workplace, especially for Mental Health First Aid, however Line Managers are one of the most important influences on employee wellbeing and are best placed to invest in their people.  Line Managers can be the most effective people to proactively build employee resilience which leads to reduced absenteeism, increased motivation and better staff retention.

Flexible Group Coaching

Third Space Work deliver coaching sessions for groups 3-300 in size at venues to suit you and can customise sessions to the needs of your organisation.

Accredited Workshop Series

A carousel of twelve foundations of wellbeing in the Fit4Life Wellbeing and Resilience at Work Programme can be scheduled as individual stand-alone or a series of sessions.

Increased Productivity

Our one on one and group work is designed to connect inidividuals aspirations with organisational goals leading to increased productivity and wellness on a personal and corporate level.

Creating Space to make your greatest impact.

Our sessions are designed to create safe spaces for your employees to dream big, think creatively and learn the tools to thrive in the workplace.

Fit 4 Life 12 Week Course

Based around the British Army Values, Fit4Life is a course enabling your staff and management to explore team dynamics, leadership and the all important shared company vision.   

Modular Options Available
Delivered At Your Workspace
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The fully accredited course is accompanied by a workbook and study resources. All these are available prior to sign up on request.

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Bespoke Price Packaging

We can tailor the training to your companies needs and have flexible coaching options depending on your budget.

Affordable Pricing

Our group workshops are delivered for as little as £200 per session. We can accommodate up to 12 participants per session. 

£50 p/h One to One Coaching
£200 Group Sessions