Making 3rd Spaces our 1st Priority

Our origins are within the charity and community sector. Our vision is to bring the knowledge and expertise into the private sector. 

What is Third Space Work

We are the training arm of  Third Space Bolton  a registered charity designed to help people overcome the obstacles to their social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Third Space is a term that means your ‘leisure time’.

(First Space is your family time, Second Space is your working day)

Third Space is an important space to think about and reflect on our lives in our First and Second Spaces and the bigger questions of life.  Coffee can be helpful!


Our Team

We work with a network of trainers, here are our 3 key members of staff that make the whole thing possible. 

Create Space To make An Impact.

This is our goal, to create safe spaces for your team and your company to dream big and create vision. To see with new eyes. 

People Who Love Our Work

Some of our key on-going clients: